COVID-19 Update Due to exceptional demand relating to Covid-19, and to ensure we help those customers that are sailing in the next 72 hours, we will be closing our customer service phone lines and handling all queries electronically. For any customer service enquiry please use our online contact form. Please note, we will deal with all enquiries based on sailing date priority so bear with us if your sailing is further in the future. We appreciate your understanding and support during these exceptional circumstances.

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Нам доверяют более 2,5 миллионов клиентов

Мы организуем более 1,2 миллионов переправ в год

Мы ежедневно проверяем цены 1 миллион для наших клиентов

Паромы в Аргентина

На сайте Direct Ferries вы можете сравнить все Ferries to Argentina, чтобы выбрать самое выгодное предложение для поездки.

На данный момент мы предлагаем паромы в Аргентина на 4 паромных маршрутах, с выбором из примерно 100 переправ еженедельно.

Пройдите по ссылкам различных паромов в Аргентина ниже. Если Вы хотите сравнить расписание и стоимость паромов, просто введите Вашу информацию в наш "Поиск стоимости".

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    • 3 сообщений ежедневно 1 час 15 минут
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Отзывы о Аргентина

  • "Nice way to visit Uruguay"

    Everything was perfectly! The ferry took us exactly on time to the coast of the Colony, and a few days later we have returned fine. The ship looks good, there is everything on board, the ferry floats softy and without overflows of deadlines. The only hard issue is the difficulty of buying a bus transfer after arriving at the Colony. I think the tourists may want to buy the ticket to the bust transfer AFTER the arriving to the colonia, not only BEFORE the journey. This issue need to be resolved, my opinion.

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